Painting (Mostly) Blue

I got around to painting today, just like I hoped.  I have the blue wall all done, and I painted the sample of purple paint.  It is the purple I wanted. 

This evening I took my new bedspread out and laid it on the bed that is currently in that room to see how it looks with the colors.  I think it looks good, and I’m getting more and more excited!

Mom is planning on getting the rest of the paint I need tomorrow.  My new bunk bed and dressers came today.  All we need now is a mattress and a mattress pad.


How it looks now, with the bedspread on the bed


The colors and bedspread up close

2 thoughts on “Painting (Mostly) Blue

  1. Nice work, Allison! It looks very pretty. I enjoyed painting my room too when I was young, and changed the color often: pink, lime green, purple and finally back to pink again! =)


    Aunt Melinda

  2. Love the colors, Allison. My mom was just saying how the colors match a quilt my great grandfather made her for her confirmation. Ironic, eh?

    By the way, the house inspection is tomorrow, so please pray that everything goes smoothly.

    In Christ,

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