Almost Painting

I and my little sister are moving to a new room.  The room we are currently in is too small to accommodate two twin beds or a bunk bed, so we had to move.  Of course we have to paint our new room.

Today I have been working on prepping the room to paint.  I think I am ready to paint the one wall, which I will hopefully paint tomorrow.  I had the help of two of my younger siblings in wiping the room down and moving stuff out of it,  and a friend of mine also kindly helped, as she happened to be visiting.

The one wall I am going to paint is going to be blue.  The remaining three are going to be purple.  It is going to match my new bedspread, which has the same colors in it, just a few shades darker. 

I am so looking forward to moving into our new room.  I will most likely post more when I paint – I hope that will be tomorrow!


My new room, as it currently looks – the wall on the left is going to be the blue wall

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