Cultured Butter

This past Sunday we finally got some good heavy cream.  I have been wanting some to make butter with for a while, but we haven’t been able to get good cream until now.  So today I made cultured butter.

Cultured butter is butter that has been made with a cultured cream.  In Nourishing Traditions it says to use either piima cream, crème fraiche, or heavy cream left out to sour.  I made crème fraiche.  Crème fraiche (pronounced crem fresh) is basically European sour cream.  It was so easy to make, and it smelled SO good!  To make the crème fraiche, I left the cream out at room temperature with a little buttermilk for about 20 hours until it had thickened. 

This afternoon I made the butter and it turned out really well.  All I had to do was process the crème fraiche in the food processor until it became butter, which didn’t take very long.  The hardest part of making butter is pressing all the buttermilk out which, in my opinion, wasn’t all that hard.  The butter has a cultured taste, which I find absolutely delicious, and it is a healthy yellow.

It was fairly easy to make,  and I would make it again.


The butter, ready to be pressed

One thought on “Cultured Butter

  1. We had this tonight for dinner on fresh corn we bought in Calhoun County today and it was sooooo yummy! Thank you, dear daughter. Love, Mom

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