Rushing Water

A few weeks ago we went to the creek that is near our home.  This creek is probably a 10 minute walk down an old county road.  I brought my camera down for the first time in a long while and had so much fun taking pictures!  It really is a beautiful creek,  in some spots with the trees making an arch above it,  and in others with the sun shining down on the water and making it sparkle.

We went down with several friends and we all had fun, I think it would be safe to say.  It was the perfect day – not too hot, not too cool, and no trouble with bugs!


There were many lovely leaves like this one in the water


My feet


I love the ripples


The “rapids”


I think this rock jutting out of the water is so pretty


Doesn’t this make you thirsty?


If you can see it, there is a baby catfish right in the middle of this photo – he is hiding his head beneath the rock


Another leaf – do you see those little sparkles?

5 thoughts on “Rushing Water

  1. It does make me thirsty! I had so much fun at that creek with you guys walking through the water and catching crayfish.

  2. My husband likes to take shots like some of those sometimes to use as a background – the rocks & water. He’ll use it as background for powerpoint slides and such. It is a beautiful place there!

    Mrs. B

  3. Allison, we have discovered your blog! Fantastic! The pictures of the creek are so artistic. I love them! Of course, YOU took the photos but the original true artist and created of it is none other than our GOD. Isn’t nature beautiful!

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