Five Little Peppers…

…and how they grew!

Banana Peppers

We seem to have great luck growing peppers.  Last year we got lots of jalapeno peppers,  and we already harvested a basketful of  banana peppers this year – enough to can 3 pint jars.

Last week we went blueberry picking.  We picked almost 30 lbs. of berries!  I am snacking on some right now.  We froze a bunch, ate some,  made a pie, blueberry lemonade, and jam.  You can see the Lost Branch Blueberry Farm website here.

It was so nice to can again this year.  I always love getting back to canning.

The blueberry jam turned out wonderfully.  We have some in the fridge and I have been enjoying it.  As for the banana peppers…well, they had good flavor, but were pretty mushy.  I found a new recipe online for them that I am going to try – it’s here.  They are so delicious when they are crispy.

Do any of you can?  If so, have you canned yet this year?  And what did you can?

Peppers ready to be canned


Blueberry jam

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